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Simple oral health resolutions for the whole family

Can you believe it, another year and another decade! The team at Teeth N Smiles hope that you and your loved ones had a fantastic Christmas and a brought in the new year in style.

Now we know that sticking to New Years Resolutions can be a challenge which is why we have come up some super simple oral health resolutions that are easy for the entire family to follow for 2020 and beyond.

1. Replace toothbrushes

Treat yourself and your family members to a new toothbrush so you can clean your teeth more thoroughly. The Australian Dental Association (ADA) advises to replace your toothbrush every three months, so basically every season or before if you are ill.

2. Don’t skip flossing

Floss daily and your gums will love and reward you by staying strong and healthy. Flossing is perhaps even more important than brushing because it removes bacteria that are the precursors of plaque, which if left to fester will turn into tartar that cannot be removed by regular brushing or flossing.

Read more in our handy blog article-7 reasons why you should floss daily CLICK HERE

3. Limit in-between snacking

Snacking in between meals can increase the rate of tooth decay by increasing acid production.

4. See your dentist regularly

Most people need to see a dentist twice yearly to maintain good oral health and prevent problems, but people with existing dental or medical issues might benefit from additional visits. It is important to schedule these visits in and for the kiddies, Teeth N Smiles mobile dental services offers an ideal solution for busy families who don’t have time to get to the dentist but recognise the need for quality dental care.

If you or your school are interested in finding out more about the mobile service provided by Teeth N Smiles, please visit, email or call 1300 266 003.

We are scheduling in our school visits for 2020 now so don’t miss out!

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