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7 Easy tips to survive Halloween and keep your kids smiles healthy

Love it or hate it, Halloween is becoming increasingly popular in Australia.

According to the Australian Dental Association (ADA) as long as you and your children are brushing twice a day (including flossing before bed), and have a balanced diet made up of fresh foods such as vegetables, cheese and lean meats, there’s no harm in having the occasional trick or treat when it comes to your dental health.

See below 7 easy tips to follow this Halloween to help keep your kids smiles healthy:

  1. Have a plan- set a limit on the number of sugary treats your children can have, if this is agreed to in advance then the kids can enjoy the experience but in moderation.

  2. Eat before you go out – ensure trick or treaters have a healthy snack before you hit the streets.

  3. Keep it quick- Ensure that children do not snack on sugary treats over a long period of time, keep it condensed to a short duration of time.

  4. Rinse with H20- Make sure the kids have a good drink of water after eating their sugary treats.

  5. Brush well- Ensure that children brush their teeth well before going to bed.

  6. Try spooky and fun alternatives- Give children alternatives such as cheap toys and trinkets – there are many other ways to have fun on Halloween in addition to sweets. Use this as an opportunity to be creative.

  7. Take a break- Have a sugar break the week before and the week after Halloween.

So have fun and enjoy your Halloween and remember the best form of protection for your teeth is good dental hygiene habits throughout the year.

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Australian Dental Association

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