Our innovative in-school dental program is designed to be easy for schools, childcare and corporate organisations


Here’s how it works:

  • You schedule a date for the dental team to visit your school. Prior to your visit date we will send you permission forms.

  • Your teachers or organisational contacts hand the forms out to each student. Students take them home to be completed and signed by their parent or guardian, then bring them back to the school.

  • You collect all of the signed forms and we will come and collect the completed forms.

  • We will check the eligibility and contact each parent in regards to their children's eligibility status - and advise your organisation of these findings also.

  • On the day of the visit, the dental team sets up an in-school “dental office for the day” and provides the necessary dental care.

  • Every child seen gets a dental “report card” to take home and a FREE TOOTHBRUSH.


Be sure to see our Best Practices page on how to maximise the number of students getting the dental care they need and deserve.