We bring our dentists to you

Teeth N Smiles is delighted to be able to offer mobile dental services to local aged care facilities.

Residents can enjoy the quality, convenience and personalised services delivered by accredited and qualified dental professionals.

Prioritising oral health is vital for aged care residents. The elderly are especially vulnerable to oral disease, tooth decay, pain, infection and gum disease. Poor oral health can lead to serious problems such as malnutrition, which is associated with an increased risk of infection, falls and fractures.

Poor oral health impacts on general health and, most importantly, quality of life.

Teeth N Smiles want to help keep your residents smiling!

Affordable and convenient dental care brought to your residents:

  • We provide affordable and flexible dental treatment in the comfort and convenience of your facility

  • We come to you and bring everything needed to provide quality dental care

  • Treatment is completed either at bedside or in our mobile clinic in the facility-no need to move the patient.

Emergency Care Available

The Teeth N Smiles team are also able to provide emergency care to local facilities as required, please confirm your needs with your Teeth N Smiles. representative.

Would you like Teeth N Smiles to service your residents?

As us about our special Introductory offer today, contact our team on 1300 266 003 or email coast@teethnsmiles.com.au